Tournaments 2.0 on Binomo

Tournaments will never be the same.

It's no secret that tournaments on the Binomo platform are very popular among traders. We couldn't not take this into account, so we've been actively working on improving this section so that participation in tournaments is now even more exciting, convenient and, most importantly, profitable!

We'll tell you a little more about the new and interesting things you'll see in the updated section:

  • Each tournament will take place on a special tournament account. This is a separate type of account in addition to the existing real and training ones.
  • Each tournament will have its own tournament account. The current tournament account will be available in the drop-down list of accounts starting at the beginning of the tournament, provided that you are signed up for it.
  • You can sign up for the tournament in advance before it starts.
  • The currency used in the tournament account is virtual. This means that you won't risk your own money when making your way to the top of the tournament standings.
  • You will not be able to renew your tournament balance an infinite number of times like you can on the demo account.
  • All participants of the tournament start with the same tournament balance; that is, all traders are equal at the start and have the same chances to win. It all depends on your skills.
  • The cost of participation in the tournament is fixed. Each trader will find a suitable type for themselves: we will conduct both free tournaments for beginners, and tournaments with paid participation for professional traders. Of course, the more prestigious the tournament, the less competition and the higher the prize money.
  • If you wish, you can sign up for several tournaments at the same time. The transactions that you enter into on the same tournament account will only count towards that tournament.

How to participate in the tournament?

To sign up for the tournament, go to the page with the list of tournaments, select the tournament you like, open the detailed information about it and click on the "Sign up" button. To successfully sign up, you will need to have an amount in your real account that exceeds the cost of participation. After the beginning of the event, open the tournament account from the tournament page or in the list of accounts, and join the fight for part of the prize fund!

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