Transaction insurance (completed)

Haven’t started trading on Binomo yet? Try it now — risk free!

Binomo is the only broker that insures its traders’ transactions for free! We do our best to help our new clients get used to the platform and enjoy trading!

Don’t be afraid to trade on Binomo: if your trades fail, we fully refund your losses for the first 5 operations!

Terms of the promotion:

— From August 21 to 23, make a deposit of $/€ 30 and you will automatically be entered in the promotion;
— Conclude transactions. If at the end of your first five transactions, your balance has decreased, we will restore it to the size of your initial deposit. If a portion of the first operations were losses, but at the close of the fifth, your balance is in the black, compensation will not be given.
— The amount of compensation is calculated automatically: we compare your balance at the start of trading and after the close of the fifth operation.
— The total turnover of insured transactions may not exceed the amount of the initial deposit.
— Using a bonus in your account at the same time as the insurance cancels the insurance.
— This promotion is valid only for your first deposit on the Binomo platform. Requests for refunds may only be submitted during the the period of the promotion, and one day after its end (August 24). 

How to get the compensation?

To obtain your refund, send a request to, using the subject line "Transaction insurance. August 21 to 23”. Requests will be considered weekdays during business hours. Compensation will be credited within one banking day after the request is approved.
Please note that compensation is paid to promotion participants as bonus funds. To withdraw bonus money, you must first make a turnover equal to the amount of the bonus, multiplied by 40. For details on the conditions of bonus funds withdrawal, please see the "FAQ" section .