The new Parabolic SAR indicator: how to work with it?

The Parabolic SAR indicator is now on the Binomo platform: it can be configured in a minute and works great with the moving average (MA). This indicator determines the trend, and it often works faster than the MA.

The calm before the storm? Using ADX + Stoch

Pros go into the details. So let's dive into trading headfirst. This strategy is based on identifying periods of calm on the market, and that means we can confidently work with the Stochastic Oscillator, which works most efficiently on flats.

"Bollinger Zigzag": a strategy for an active market

Short-term trades are your passion? Are you attentive and able to react quickly? Excellent! Then the Bollinger Zigzag strategy is perfect for you. This is a trend scalping strategy, so trades are concluded within a term of up to 2 minutes in the direction of the trend. Attention and reaction speed - this is exactly what you need to profit from the Zigzag!

Golden Week. What will the Chinese New Year do for the market?

Do you remember what happened to the market during the European New Year's holiday? The Chinese one will be completely different! Direct all six of your senses towards Asia if you want to earn in February. The Chinese New Year is celebrated over a week. Binomo analysts have prepared a forecast and said how the event will affect the market, which currency you should trade on during this period, and what to avoid.

"Minute Reversal" Strategy: it's not magic, it's statistics

Every hour on the market there are 3 magic minutes: the 1st, 31st and 51st. It is at these moments that the probability of a quote reversal is unusually high. It's true, magic is not based on spells but on dry statistics. A reversal does not last more than 5 candlesticks, and in order not to miss the moment, you need to connect additional indicators. The strategy works best on short-term trades.

"All inclusive": a strategy for flats

To apply these tactics, the trader will have to be like Julius Caesar. First, you'll need to use a lot of indicators, and secondly, the strategy is based on strict observance of ALL entry rules. Favorable conditions for this strategy often occur on long sides (flats), and you can earn without waiting for market volatility.

"Return": a trading strategy for 20:00 to 00:00 UTC

Looking for a simple strategy you can use regularly? You've found it! It doesn't involve indicators and it's based on differences in price behavior during the American and Asian sessions. During the interval between 20:00 and 00:00 UTC, the market is usually flat and volatility is 15-50 standard points. That's enough to make money on options!

Fibonacci Fan

Fibonacci Fan works on any asset. Although trend lines are universal, Fibonacci levels require adjustments by other technical analysis tools: MA, RSI, Bollinger Bands and others.