The "Momentum + RSI" strategy: when the market is sideways

The "Momentum + RSI" strategy is suitable for trading on a flat. It is based on volatility analysis and works well on calm but not "dead" markets.
One plus of the strategy is that it is universal. You can choose any asset and time for trading. The most effective timeframe is 1 minute.

How to trade on price momentum? An interesting strategy Awesome+

Do you like new, untraditional, profitable solutions? If yes, you've got to learn the Awesome+ strategy. It's very easy to understand and it works perfectly on average and highly volatile markets with highly liquid assets; in other words, it loves mobility and popularity. It really doesn't matter when you use it, the main thing is that the market should be "breathing".

ATR+FIBO: trading on volatility breakouts

A simple yet unusual strategy which even novice traders can master successfully. It is based on volatility breakouts. The main factor is price movement as opposed to indicator signals. In order to conclude successful trades, you need to "catch" this movement.

SEER: a strategy for every occasion

How to profit quickly and lower risk at the same time? Learn the SEER strategy. It was designed to work on a moderately volatile market, for trading on the flat, and for strong trends. In other words, you can use it at any time whenever you need to earn.

CCI Fractals: getting rid of false signals

The strategy is suitable for trading both on a volatile market and on sideways one. It is simple and straightforward. Even beginners can easily earn using it. This strategy helps you cut out the "price noise", distinguish genuine signals from false ones, and find overbought/oversold zones in the price channel.That is enough to conclude a profitable trade at the moment of a price reversal!

The Momentum DC indicator for medium- and long-term trades

The Momentum Indicator will be appreciated by those who prefer to conclude medium- and long-term trades. Momentum shows changes in the rate of price movement. It is not difficult to configure and even beginners can understand it.

The new Parabolic SAR indicator: how to work with it?

The Parabolic SAR indicator is now on the Binomo platform: it can be configured in a minute and works great with the moving average (MA). This indicator determines the trend, and it often works faster than the MA.