Privacy Policy

Protection and security of all the stored financial and personal information of Binomo clients and website visitors is the company’s top priority. The rules below (hereinafter — the "Rules") describe how Tiburon Corporation Limited (hereinafter — the "Company") collects, uses, stores and protects the personal information of its clients.By creating an account at the Company's website, (hereinafter — the "Website") or by leaving your personal information in the feedback form of the Website, you (hereinafter — the "Client") give your consent to the processing of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, and also give your consent to receive information and advertising messages from the Company.

Collection of personal information

When the Client uses the feedback form of the Website or opens a real or demo account, the Company collects all the information necessary for transferring, storing and protecting the client's funds and assets, and for providing the Client with necessary services, via the Website server. Personal data collected by the Company includes:
  1. The data required for efficient communication with the Client (name and surname, e-mail address, phone number);
  2. The data necessary to verify the identity of the Client in order to prevent fraud and enforce anti-money laundering rules (passport information, ID cards). The Company has the right to request the above documents in English and/or notarized. If the account was replenished with the Client's bank card, it is necessary to provide information from the front side of the bank card, namely: the first 6 and the last 4 digits of the card number, the Name and Surname of the cardholder, the expiration date of the card. The Client takes personal responsibility to provide correct, accurate and updated information about themselves, as well as the obligation not to use personal data of other people or information of entities. The Client must immediately inform the Company of any changes in the data used to verify their identity;
  3. The data on all activities and operations on the client's account, required in order to protect the Client's funds.
  4. The indirectly collected data, which include IP (Client's Internet Protocol address), browser type, ISP (Internet service provider), transaction history and timestamps, in order to ensure the ease of use of the platform.
The Company may also collect information recorded by its web server (for instance, the interface language, browser type, time of last visit), to analyze the operation of the platform, provide the Client with the most suitable products and services, and block access to the Website for scammers.

Activities that involve usage of the personal information

The Company uses the personal data of its Clients in order to provide services in accordance with the Client agreement, including:
  1. processing trading and non-trading operations;
  2. maintaining efficient communication with the Client;
  3. preventing money laundering;
  4. protecting the Client's funds;
  5. enforcing the rules for combating money laundering;
  6. informing the Client about the services and products of the Company that may be of interest to him by e-mail, Viber or other communication channels;
  7. storing the database of the Client's account;
  8. conducting analysis of statistical data to provide the Client with the most suitable products and services and to ensure ease of use of the platform.


The Company collects all the non-personally identifiable information that becomes available when the clinet uses the Website.
The Company uses cookie-files to provide the operation of the specific functions of the Website.Cookie-file is a text files that is stored in the client's computer when they enter the Website. This file allows the client to use the Web Site in future without entering the information again and allows the Company to identify the client when he returns to the Web Site.
Cookie-files used by the Company do not contain any sensitive or personal information.However, if the client decides to delete cookie-files he may lose the access to certain options or functions of the Website.

Data transfer to third parties

The Client gives his consent to the transfer of personal data to the following parties:
  • employees of the Company, for processing in cases where such information is necessary for the provision of services;
  • a third party that provides services related to the operation of the Website (on behalf of the Company or for the Company);
  • auditors and their assistants conducting audit of the Company's activities;
  • potential buyers and investors of the Company.
The Company shall ensure the confidentiality of the Client's information which was disclosed to third parties in accordance with the established rules. The Company does not disclose its Clients' information to third parties that are unable to ensure protection of such information.
By registering an account on the Website or leaving their personal data in the feedback form of the Website, the Client agrees to the cross-border transfer of personal data.

Technical protection of personal data

In order to ensure security of all personal data of its clients, the Company has implemented rules and technical measures of information protection. The Сompany uses the server certificate and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), the standard security technology for encrypting transmitted messages.The Company does not store its clients bank cards data.


The login and password used by the Client to access the Website are considered his private property. The Company is not responsible for the use of such data, nor does it monitor how the client manages his account using this data.
The client, in turn, is obliged to immediately inform the support about any unauthorized or suspicious activities that involve the use of their personal account.

Links to other websites and services

The Company's Website does not contain links to websites that are not controlled by the Company. The Company does not hold any responsibility for unafiliated websites that post links to its resources.

Protection of underage users

Company’s Website is an open public resource, but is not intended for children. If it becomes known to the Company that a minor has submitted or attempted to submit personal information to register on the Website as a client, the Company can remove records of such information from the server.

Changes in Rules

The Company reserves the right to make changes to the Rules. The information on such changes will be posted on the Website.

Duration of consent

the Client's consent to the processing of their personal data is valid for an unlimited period.


In order to obtain information regarding the processing of the Client's personal data, make enquiries about the list of the personal data or withdraw their consent to the processing of  the personal data, the Client should send an e-mail to If the Client withdraws their consent to the processing of personal data, they can no longer use the platform. The Client's account will be blocked, and the funds will be available for withdrawal.