We’re giving away options! (ended)

Trading binary options is a source of drive, and an opportunity to test yourself while also making a profit.

Binomo appreciates your positivity and encourages active trading, thanks to which you get trading experience and new opportunities.

From May 26 to 27, trade especially actively, and you’ll receive free options!

The outcome of your transactions is not important: only your turnover matters. The higher it is, the more options you’ll get for free! When calculating your totals, only the transactions that closed at the same price at which they opened will not be taken into account.

The bonus options will be awarded on May 30.

We wish you successful trading with Binomo!

Trading turnoverYour gift
100 $/€
1*1 $/€
300 $/€
2*2 $/€
600 $/€
3*4 $/€
1500 $/€
5*6 $/€